The Cursed Day!!


Stargazing is always fun under the vast dark sky along with Crickets and their background music. It was only a few minutes since I started off and my eyes had just settled gazing into the field of diamonds above me I could see two bright shining eyes glaring at me from behind the trees… I skipped a heartbeat knowing what it is… I was cold in spite of the humid weather, and my legs felt heavy, and I just cursed the moment I decided to be in the dark jungle just for the sake of star-gazing. The distance between us was getting shorter, and my heart was telling me to run but my body was not supportive enough and before I could make a move… I woke up from my scary dream, thanking God that phew! It was only a DREAM…!

10 thoughts on “The Cursed Day!!

  1. Hi, well crafted and good build up to the end, however I was wondering the reference of cricket n background music? . Well done Shubi keep it up

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