The Night At The Call Center


I had finished my board exams and was free from studies for a while. That is when one of my friends declared that she was joining a Call Center and asked me if I would be interested.  A package of 15k! Wow!! Back in those days, it was good money. While I was convincing myself to nod yes to the opportunity zillions of thoughts of what all I could do with those 15k clouded my mind; shopping, saving, independence, living on my terms, so on and so forth. So, I subjected my friend to the queries I had regarding the work.  She said we have to answer calls and that we get training. However, the night shifts were a significant drawback and knew my dad would never give in. But to my surprise he did.  I had trouble sleeping that night as I couldn’t contain the excitement of seeing myself as a sophisticated earner but knowing that I have to stay sleepless for the coming nights, I slept.  It was the first day of work, and like school days, mom and dad came till the cab that had come to pick me.  I sat inside the car quickly, and as it started to join the race on the roads, my folks faded from my vision.

My friend couldn’t join me due to a fractured ankle, so it was all me.  I said to myself this is it! Prove yourself brave, and I stepped into that office.  I had never been in an office except the one in school.  The simple room on the second floor of an office complex welcomed me; there were no computers but only landline phone in the cubicles across the room.  I was given a few instructions like we need to take calls and talk to the customer without revealing any information regarding the company or about myself.  I was looking forward to the training part to begin and then the phone rang, the lady said, “there you go“, and that is when I realised that the brief conversation we had was my so-called “training“.

I picked up the receiver, and there was a male voice on the other side saying ‘hello‘ I said “hello and how can I help you?” trying to sound professional.  The response shook me off my toe, ” I need a friend… I am so lonely“.  There was a complete moment of silence, and each cell of my body was shouting at me that there was something wrong, there was something definitely wrong!! To my utter shock and disbelief, I looked around and noticed that the so-called in charge had her eyes on me.  After taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I said: “well I couldn’t help you with that you seem to have dialled a wrong number“.  The receiver sensed from my trembling voice that I was new here.  He said, “You seem to be at the wrong place and that you should never come back, this is a friendship call line, please do a reference check of any job you join next” I couldn’t swallow my saliva, and I hung up.  I had to pass the night somehow; I just kept the receiver stuck to my ear pretending that I was still on the call. As soon as sun-rays hit the earth, I ran out of that place! without giving it a second look and swore that I would never come back!! I reached home safely but didn’t share the experience with my parents.  That night I again had trouble sleeping, but only this time the reason for my sleeplessness was different!!


8 thoughts on “The Night At The Call Center

  1. That was scary. But few things to learn
    1. Do good check of any thing that’s look too tempting
    2. If in such situations try to handle calmly.
    3. Select friends wisely

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  2. Hahaha…That was some ending…
    But on a serious note, fresh out of school we always get lured by money that we rarely think about anything else.
    I wonder if that friend actually had fractured leg or did she just ditch you.

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