Break Free !!


Wordsworth said, ‘A child is the father of man‘. First impressions formed in childhood leave an impression in the deep recesses of one’s heart. Some are sublime, yet others bitter. Since childhood, we are taught to please others. One had to emulate perfection everywhere; be the stud of your peers, be the impeccably groomed kid when guests visit us. Oh! How can I not mention that ‘cousin’ whom we are compared to for almost everything? The list is endless.  Gradually we begin to master the art of ‘counterfeit’ and do it without a self-realisation that we lose an essential treasure ‘ourself’. Sometimes to the extent that we stand in front of the mirror and our reflection seems to be unfamiliar. But whose fault is it? Our parents or the competitive mercenary world? Who wants the best for their child or of those who assume that ‘we’can only be the best and not less. Well, no one has been able to answer this question till now, but I bet everyone is following the cycle of pretentiousness shamelessly. Unfortunately, we cant turn the clock, but we can put breaks on our little race and ponder: When was the last time we asked ourselves ‘how are you today? We all are busy in running our lives with the pre-set rules. The amazing part is we construct big dreams without even knowing about our last breath! Today morning my 2-year-old was in the balcony playing with the pigeons who regularly visit us for grains. He was talking and laughing, and I couldn’t figure out what he was talking. But there was a shine on his face. How happy and satisfied he was without knowing the rules of the world. So, dear mates, it’s high time that we pause ourselves and be protective about the small child within us. Pamper it, love it! Enjoy every moment of life, give more compliments than complaints and most importantly talk to yourself because no one knows you better than you. Have a great day ahead!!!

12 thoughts on “Break Free !!

  1. I think the trick is maintaining balance between self satisfaction and smiles on other faces. Some people gain is someone loss. One cannot make everyone happy yet one cannot afford to be self centered. I guess this advantage is only when we are kid.

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  2. Easier said than done 🙂
    While it’s true that parents start the process of comparison, I feel as we grow up a lot of time we also tend to create a perceived image and while trying to live that perceived life we tend to forget who we really are.
    And since your kid is living his present and not trying to live the percieved image he/she is happy.

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    1. Our happiness depends on us, no one else can be responsible for that. We need to change this “tend to forget who we really are” attitude towards ourselves. It is easier said than done but not impossible!

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  3. Losing identity as a kid is worst thing that can happen.. Now myself with a kid I see people comparing his behaviour to every other kid..good or bad.. It’s a task to reverse that impact as listening to elders he tends to pick up the other kids behaviour

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