Serial killer !

Total murders: 4

Species killed: Cats

Reason for murder: An extreme feeling of kindness

All these years I have been living with a serial killer! Yes, a serial killer.

It was one winter afternoon when I witnessed the first murder of an innocent soul.  Hardly had it seen the best of this world that it had to say goodbye or maybe didn’t get a chance.  This fantasy of killing started when a cute piece of Gods creativity was born in the abandoned cooler of my brother’s apartment.  Little did it know about their destiny, even before they could say meow, they were hijacked only to be later killed.

Unfortunately, the much talked about serial killer happened to be there when the mother had left her kitten in search of food.  The 11-year-old set her eyes on the beautiful kitten and out of much love and thinking that it is alone and abandoned she carried it home.  She was kind enough to feed the kitten milk with a syringe just that she didn’t know when to stop! She kept feeding and feeding till the kitten was like a water balloon and finally succumbed to the torture of being fed, oh I meant overfed. The killer didn’t know that she just murdered a small baby cat that too with just a form of affection ..well she thought its okay the kitten was sick already!!  and beautifully covered up her crime ..and inside her, she decided to search for the next one..soooon …..

A year later everyone moved ahead in their life, but the killer who turned 12 now found another kitten, poor kitten looking at her with grave eyes, clad in mud and hiding from dogs who have been chasing it.  Our killers humble heart gave in again, picked up the scared kitten who clanged on to her in hope.  She got it home, gave it a bubble bath in warm-hot water with a gentle shampoo our aunt had sent for us from Australia.  And let it dry on a sheet of cloth outside in the fierce sun.  Little did we know that the kitten would dye-out along with being dried out just like a cotton sari recently starched !! phew poor thing.

After two consecutive failure in keeping kittens alive in other words successful brutal subjected to third-degree murder, she gave up, no more kittens in the house.  The thought had settled down well into her minds, and she was determined not to kill any more. But the universe had other plans a cat littered in our house, yes, they literally came home to be killed, nothing can be done when death calls.  She was happy again this time as she had not one not two but four cute little kittens to play with.  She managed to let the kittens live for a couple of days until she decided to make one sleep with her in her blanket only to wake up not to find it on the bed, as it was stuffed to death under her pillow.

Now with only three kittens left, and winter sinking in, the last the murder weapon used was Vicks vapour rub, the kitten dared to sneeze, and that was it. Dollops of Vicks was applied to its nose, ear and throat, I don’t have the heart to tell you what happened next!!

My cute little sister who is 28 now is the said murderer and she promised never to keep a pet ever..well we managed to calm her murderous intentions over these years, and now she saves and cares for human life.





6 thoughts on “Serial killer !

  1. So one sister is into dogs and other is into cats..!!!
    I guess that’s what they meant by road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    Though cats are said to have super survival skills (the fabled 9 lives), it’s interesting that your sister managed to squeeze the life out of them with such precision.

    Nice read though.. interesting the way you put a serious topic like death in such a simple funny way.

    Liked by 1 person

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