Better you, make you a better parent!

The most important challenge we face today is parenting.  It is only recently when I attended a workshop by Ms Gloria Burrett, Integrative Child Psychotherapist, I got an insight into this topic which I am sharing with you what was my take away from the workshop. The punchline that hit me hard was that “sometimes better parenting starts with improving ourselves.” and it is so … Continue reading Better you, make you a better parent!

The Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a godly trait which is quite difficult to emulate. So what is forgiveness? On a frequent basis, we come across a beautiful word ‘forgiveness‘. Be it social media or a preacher, forgiveness is given a new definition every day. Beautiful wallpapers with enchanting quotes about this magic locution grab our attention, and we always say wow! That’s meaningful. We copy paste these quotes … Continue reading The Power Of Forgiveness