My grandmother, who lived to be 101!

‘Madhama’ (foreigner lady) is what we used to call our maternal grandma out of pure love. Her actual name was ‘Mariyama’, derived from holy mother Mary’s name, and to us, she was the epitome of sacrifices. Yes, that’s what she was, divine love, a pure God-fearing soul who knew nothing else besides loving us. In her younger days, she was a petite, skinny figure with flourishing, … Continue reading My grandmother, who lived to be 101!

The Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a godly trait which is quite difficult to emulate. So what is forgiveness? On a frequent basis, we come across a beautiful word ‘forgiveness‘. Be it social media or a preacher, forgiveness is given a new definition every day. Beautiful wallpapers with enchanting quotes about this magic locution grab our attention, and we always say wow! That’s meaningful. We copy paste these quotes … Continue reading The Power Of Forgiveness